December 20, 2013

Future of Education in Pakistan

Today, I would like to discuss the about education. The world always survived through educational development. In this modern age of science and technology, the value of education is increasing day after day. Today, I would like to take a look at the future of education in Pakistan.
The consequences of this very phenomenon, which made me think about it, are going down with every passing day.

The quality of education in our country is becoming unacceptable on an international level. Our Govt. Educational institutions are helpless to get this thing back in to the correct order. Why they failed to achieve this target is because the private sector is ruling the educational field with its creative and well organized plan. Our assembly, passes the budget every year but unfortunately that amount does not reach to every part of the educational sector or maybe not fully utilized by them due to any reason. The major problem of this budget not being utilized in the correct manner, is corrupt system which creates so many hurdles in the achievement and utilization of this goal.

December 17, 2013

Prime Minister's Youth Program Working or Just Another Dream?

Prime Minister's Youth Business Loan Scheme is one of the current hot topics these days. People from age 21 to 45 shows a keen interest in this debate and you can easily find a group of youngsters engaged in discussing the ways of obtaining this loan. But! Unfortunately this loan is proving an unachievable goal for almost everybody.

What's good about this loan is that it is suggested to help those willingly person who are bright and capable

November 02, 2013

YouTube is being open in Pakistan (2013) Latest news

Today, on 2 November 2013, many people stated that they can access YouTube from their internet devices. YouTube was banned in Pakistan for almost 1 year ago in response to a blasphemous movie uploaded to YouTube "Innocence of Muslim".
YouTube is being open in Pakistan (2013) Latest news

Many Muslim countries condemned this movie and a large number of people protested over it and demanded YouTube officials to remove the content as soon as possible. In fact most of the countries had banned the site since then for not giving back any response.
After that YouTube team started to co-operate with most of the Muslim countries that had issues in this regard and assured them to block that content in their country as it may not be possible to block the whole content spread all across the world. Countries who made that content un-accessible are Bangladesh, India and Egypt along with other countries.

November 01, 2013

HTC is all set to update their HTC One Handsets to Update with Android 4.4 Kit Kat

Here is the good news for all HTC One users! Recently HTC has announced that they are updating all HTC One handsets to the latest Android v4.4 (Kit Kat). And by doing this HTC is sticking to its commitment made with its users as most the OEM do not stand by their commitment and promises to early or show little laziness in doing so. But HTC has proved that it is a responsible company and is sincere towards its work.
HTC is all set to update their HTC One Handsets to Update with Android 4.4 Kit Kat

HTC America’s president, Jason Mackenzie, has confirmed the news and said that all the locked carrier HTC One handsets will receive this update in about 90 days period (long time?) but at least they doing it this far not like other OEM’s who are delaying in 4.4 update. This period is announced for North American users by the way. On the contrary, for those users who have bought their HTC One’s unlocked developer’s editions are likely to receive this update in as little as 30 days period. Last but not least, buyers from Google Play will get this update in a very short time period of 15 days (cheers).

Motorola is on the second number to announcing the update for its mobile users till now. We hope that other big OEMs will also join the league soon.

October 29, 2013

Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) rumor of converting to Islam (unleashed)

From many days this news was floating all over the internet and made a great hype all across the social world that Rowan Atkinson also known as Mr. Bean has embraced Islam and now became a Muslim. Many people showed there positive response over it and a great majority Muslims gave a statement that they are glad on this step of Rowan. 
Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) rumor of converting to Islam (unleashed) ~
Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson is a very famous Hollywood actor and worked in the world famous comedy play “Mr. Bean” which brought him to the heights of fame and there is also a movie series under the Mr. Bean banner and he did work in another film series name Johnny English and Johnny English Reborn which was the sequel of Johnny English.
But when contacted to Rowan’s Manager to confirm this news then it brought a great shock to all of those people who were appreciating this news or considering this true as He (the manager) declared this news a fake one and told further more that a random blog posted this first and after that it went viral and kept its journey through blog by blog and then entered into the social media where it reached to great number of people but it is not authentic and has not truthiness in it.

This news arise a question among active bloggers as well as content writers who works online and publishes this kind of news. They should be loyal and honest in their work. And they should also abstain from publishing unauthentic news and without confirming them from every best resource. 

October 28, 2013

Samsung Group CHARGED for using Fake Reviews

No doubt that Samsung is a leading company in mobile manufacturing, electronics and some other fields which company is engaged with from so many years. And it has achieved various types of national and international awards regarding their performance, products and customer satisfaction and reliability. But, recent news brought a big shock to its admirers which states that Samsung has fined for $340,000 due to promoting its product by illegal means and devaluing its opponent in the same field. HTC another mobile manufacturing company, which is based in Taiwan, has filed a case against Samsung for giving incentives to some young expert bloggers and content writers to write reviews and publish them on to their blogs and websites which favors Samsung and oppose HTC mobiles product. This thing is not only a shameful act for a company but is also a question mark for its goodwill and future. However, this is not the first time happened in a business scenario, in fact there are a number of scandals in the past which relates to many famous and leading companies. But this is not about tradition or cannot be neglected easily as it is not ethical or lawful anywhere or in any country.
Samsung Group CHARGED for using Fake Reviews -

HTC complained Samsung in Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) in which it included that Samsung is violating the rules of promotion by fair means. And in the investigation, commission issued a reported of whole scenario that how it all happened. Some officials first recruited various young bloggers and content writers with a good number of traffic and followings and then gave them Samsung mobile phones which are quite costly and expensive. Samsung, on the contrary, refused to accept all the accusation charged on it. It is not the first time that company is having such kind of situation to deal with. Apple, another big company had sued Samsung for copying 400 patents which are the property of Apple Inc. and asked the legislatives for banning the Samsung to continue its sale in U.S. However, the legislation

Internet is A Curse in the Eye of Elders for Youngsters

What is Internet?  Yes today my topic is Internet. In our society mostly seeing that the majority of elder thinks Internet is a way to access to bad path it's just about from Porn sites. But they don't think about that Internet is a best way to gain knowledge and education. In our society mostly in Colleges and Universities the students received their classes schedule on their Emails. Students sharing their notes with friends and their teachers through Internet. But in our society our elders thinks Internet is not good for their children. And they are correct because some children get bad ideas on Internet and sharing with their friends in this way the bad thinks spread in our society. But we teaches first our youngsters to gain the knowledge, education, news and entertainment then they will never choose the wrong way on Internet.

Internet -

Now a days, we will all need Internet, through Internet we'll contact to our relative which are living abroad and different cities. We'll talk with them face to face with the help of  Skype on Internet. We'll find our relatives through Facebook, Yahoo, G-mail, Hotmail and Google+ and it's can't be possible without Internet. We'll get jobs on Internet this jobs is both of  males and females of our society. We'll make there blogs and websites to earn money. So we want to encourage our elder and tell them how much benefits of  Internet  how can we get benefits and knowledge with the help of  Internet. Internet is very important nowadays. We All needed Internet.